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Renovation, construction, arrangement, fitting, decoration: Actif Rénovation mobilizes the whole chain of skills and know-how to meet yor requests.

Any work of renovation and layout

Renovation work

Layout: all the works regarding layout, fitting and arrangement of the house, the apartment or the premises

We perform fitting, arrangement or re-arrangement works. We'll bring you the advice and the know-how to optimize the layout of your house, your flat or your "loft". We'll mobilize all the needed means to meet your expectations, from the study and the plan development to the renovation, the layout, the fitting, the arrangement or re-arrangement.

Travaux de la cuisine

Installing or removing a partition wall

You would like to create new rooms or a corridor. We'll orientate you in this crucial choice of fitting or layout for your house, apartment or premices. Our teams will lead the work from the beginning to the end, with the study phase, the plan development and the installation or the removal of partition walls by meeting your requirements in terms of insulation in particular.

Travaux de la salle de bain

Layout, renovation and arrangement of the kitchen

The fitting and the arrangement of the kitchen are essential and require the expertise and the know-how of kitchen professionals. We'll bring you ideas and plans for a suited esthetical and perfectly arranged kitchen. Our plumbers, our masons, our electricians and our layout specialists will be in a position to work in synergy for a bright and convenient kitchen (electrical plugs, lighting, installing or creating furnitures, working tables, plumbing, valves, taps, evacuation, drain,... We'll work with any type of material from faïence to wood, stones, glass or concrete.

Travaux du séjour

Renovation, fitting-out or bathroom arrangement

Our bathroom specialists will be in a position to advise you, to propose and to carry out plans for the bathroom that will meet your requirements. We will perform the renovation or arrangement works of your bathroom for a functional and resplendent bathroom. Thanks to our large field of know-how, we will treat all the required works from electricity (installing or displacing plugs, sockets, spotlight, lighting) to masonry (floor, tiling...), plumbing (bathtub, taps, drain) or decoration (custom-built furniture, work surface, embedded basin, basin to fit). We use any type of material from faïence to waxed concrete, wood, stone or glass. .

Travaux du local commercial

Door frame: arrangement, renovation or installation of door frames

We install doors or windows. We carry out partition wall operations, the arrangement of the attic or the installation of roof windows. The installation of door frame is part of our large field of skills. .

You need a specialist of construction and renovation, from the mason to the electrician, the plmber, the heating engineer or the locksmith, our collaborators are at your disposal to advise you and to build with you. We'll orientate you toward the most suited solution to your needs.

We intervene in Villeneuve-Loubet, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Nice, Antibes, Cannes... in the Alpes Maritimes, on the French Riviera.

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