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Renovation, construction, arrangement, fitting, decoration: Actif Rénovation mobilizes the whole chain of skills and know-how to meet yor requests.


ACTIF RENOVATION is characterized by a irreproachable behavior during our works or interventions, from the first contact up to the end of the contract. This way of approaching our occupation is the guarantee of fidelizing our clients and of sustaining our image associated with quality or seriousness. Quality charter


  • At the home or working place of our clients, the professional is kind, smiley and presents himself in a gear at the colors of the company.
  • The time limit is respected.
  • The working places or intervention places are always respected and kept in a perfect state of property after the end of the works.
  • An estimate is systematically transmitted as soon as the works or interventions exceed the amount of 152,44 euros TTC.
  • The invoice is "clear" and respects the pricing plan recommended by ACTIF RENOVATION. A detailed invoice is provided to the client so that he's in a position to control or check every aspect.
  • After any intervention, the labour is guaranteed during 6 months, except as otherwise provided.
  • Any claim from our clients will find an immediate response.
  • In his behavior, each professional promotes the image and the prestige of ACTIF RENOVATION and its network.
  • The precise advise brought to the client depending on the state of the place and of the equipments or facilities must prevent any predictable trouble.

Intervention guarantee

All the inteventions, except those related to uncorking or opening, are guaranteed 90 days and 180 days.

Guarantee works and construction sites

Any service provided related to works, construction site, embellishment, renovation, etc, is covered by the contract Civil Responsability (Responsabilité Civile) and the decadal insurance (Assurance décennale) ACTIF RENOVATION depending on the nature of the works.

Invoicing Garantee

Clear prices without any surprise. The works or interventions are charged according to a predefined pricing plan.

Quickness and Efficiency

Thanks to our strategic setting up, an Actif Rénovation agency is always close to your home or company. Our fleet of vehicles allows us to intervene as soon as possible!


ACTIF RENOVATION, a new vision for the housing service.

ACTIF RENOVATION brings to private individuals and companies a global solution to respond to daily worries of your house, appartment or premises by federating the various skills of any house, appartment or premises (plumbing, electrician, plasterer, heating engineer, joiner, carpenter, worker, locksmith, glazier...).

For the private individuals, ACTIF RENOVATION offers a multiservice solution that puts an end to the worries of the house, appartment or premises, and releases the worries which turn your daily life into a complicated story.

For the companies, ACTIF RENOVATION release you from the tasks related to the search for professionals or specialists to ensure the maintenance works and the repairing works necessary for the correct working of premises or offices. ACTIF RENOVATION allows companies to focus on what they do best.


ACTIF RENOVATION proposes a global offer in all the services of the house, appartment or premises. In order to meet this requirement ACTIF RENOVATION intervenes with trained and qualified professionals to meet your needs in terms of works, repair or installation in the context of construction, renovation, breakdown or disaster. ACTIF RENOVATION also proposes a set of repairing and maintenance services.

Breakdown services- Repairing

Available 7 days a week, ACTIF RENOVATION proposes an emergency intervention in the half day. But becase some breakdowns are more severe than others: significant water leak (leading to the immediate degradation of the house, appartment or premises) or significant gas leak, power failure, door opening, ACTIF RENOVATION ensures any intervention within the hour.


The contract Heating maintenance ACTIF RENOVATION allows private individuals and companies to have access to indispensable garantees to take advantage of a quality heating at the crucial moments of the year.

The contract Heating maintenance ACTIF RENOVATION includes:
  • A yearly visit by qualified specialists.
  • Free and unlimited breakdown service (workforce and displacement) all year long on the heating device. Only the changed parts are charged.
  • Priority intervention prioritaire 7 days a week.
  • Intervention in the half day for all the full heating breakdowns.
  • Extra Heating material lending if needed.

The contract Heating Maintenance, that's for all the best guarantees to benefit from a warm and pleasant home.


Transformation, arrangement, decoration... with ACTIF RENOVATION, private individuals and companies can undertake all their renovation works. ACTIF RENOVATION takes charge of the whole works: arrangement, bathroom installation, renovation work or fitting out a new office...

With ACTIF RENOVATION, private individuals and companies have access to a unique speaker who advises them and who coordinates the whole works. This unique speaker is the best guarantee to ensure the control of the work quality, the respect of the time limit and the respect of the estimates by remaining ready to respond to any requirement.

Experience and Quality

The professionals ACTIF RENOVATION have been rigorously selected on the basis of their know-how, their responsability and their multiple professional experiences. they will respond efficiently to your problems.

Quickness and Efficiency

Thanks to a strategic implantation, an ACTIF RENOVATION agency is always close to your home. Our fleet of vehicles allows us to intervene as quicky as possible!

Availability and Simplicity

A hotline is at your disposal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer you and find a solution to your problems related to your house, appartment or premises (Plumbing, Locksmithery, Heating, Electricity, Glaziery, Sanitization). In daily situations like in emergency situations, we will be in a position to act with professionalism, rigor and reactivity.

You need a mason, a plumber, a blind or a glazier, our specialists are here to help you and to advise you. We will orientate you toward the best suited solution to your needs.

We intervene in Lyon, in the area of Lyon, in Villeurbanne, Bron, Vénissieux or Givors.

Don't hesitate to contact us: Tél : 06 41 84 84 12

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Actif Rénovation is approved by numerous insurance and maintenance companies following your possible accident or blaze.
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